For ordering, please contact us via our customer portal https://clinical-scilifelab.supportsystem.com/open.php

For new customers Clinical Genomics Stockholm will prepare an agreement document for the customer to sign before samples can be submitted.

Create an order

Use "Open a New Ticket" and attach the completed order form.

Please read Sample requirements at www.clinicalgenomics.se and go through the following checklist before submitting samples.

  1. Check the quality of your samples, and make sure that recommended specifications are met. (Samples not fulfilling recommended specifications may also be sent in, but different guarantees apply. See Agreement document for more details.)
  2. Collect the required information about the samples as specified.
  3. Fill in the order form.
  4. Submit in this portal (https://clinical-scilifelab.supportsystem.com/). Use the fields Issue summary and Issue details to provide additional information, if needed.
  5. Include the Order Form
  6. Mark the sample plate / tubes and the delivery box with the Ticket Number received by mail.
  7. Deliver the samples.

Send by courier to:
Clinical Genomics / SciLifeLab
Att: Sofie Sibia
Karolinska Institutet Science
Tomtebodavägen 23B 171 65 Solna, Sweden

Regular post: (Note that this delivery method may cause delayed delivery)
Clinical Genomics / SciLifeLab
Att: Sofie Sibia
PO Box 1031
171 21 Solna, Sweden

For delivery in person, please call in advance.
In general, we are available for sample delivery weekdays between 9 and 15.

Phone: 08-5248 1500
Tomtebodavägen 23A, 171 65 Solna

Special instructions for whole-genome sequencing in acute settings

Always contact Clinical Genomics by phone on 08- 5248 1500 to make sure we have the ability to process the sample during the day. Sample must be at Clinical Genomics before 11.00 for processing on the same day. Information about a sample should preferentially be available no later than 10.00.